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Coming to life

Now that I have this crazy character, I have made my FIRST attempt at a quick flash animation.

I started with a quick digital sketch

Digital Sketch

I then imported the image into Flash and played….

It is nothing to rave home about – I tweened one piece of grass and got the lawnmower to chase it!

It is exciting to see something come to life that was static before.

This is definitely something to play with more!

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Cut my grass

I woke up this morning to the sound of the lawns out the front being mowed….

Then the smell wafts through the air and it truely feels like summer!

This inspired me for today’s illustration. I always think of the lawnmower as a live being that wants to chomp away at the grass and anything that gets in its way!


The Hungry Lawnmower


The Hungry Lawnmower